Dragonology, a study of charts by Dragon

  FROM Wikipedia: Dragonology is the title of several books, a modeling kit, and a board game released in 2006. Dragonology is mainly about summoning a dragon and learning the secrets of dragons. The Greek suffix LOGY means ( a suffix meaning: to talk, to speak; any branch of knowledge; any science or academic field that […]

Philippine stock market update dec 15 sleigh ride down the mountain

PSEi 4,089.75 | -58.28 | -1.41% Value 4.09B Dow Jones    11,476.54    +47.98    (0.42%) S&P 500    1,241.59    +1.13    (0.09%) Nasdaq    2,627.72    +2.81    (0.11%) Wall Street edges to two year highs, buoyed by stronger than expected retail sales data.  Europe was also higher yesterday, but weak today on news of Moody downgrading Spain’s credit outlook.  Meanwhile, the […]

DMN June 29

PSEi                 3,372.71         UP      8.81 value php              3,522,470,105.00 Dow    10,138.52    -5.29    (-0.05%) S&P 500    1,074.57    -2.19    (-0.20%) Nasdaq    2,220.65    -2.83    (-0.13%) The story of Wall Street and its ending was still pretty much the same.  Down about 70, recovered to up about 40, then closed flat again.  Bulls and bears are at equilibrium right now, and […]

DMN June 28

PSEi      3,363.90         UP     11.44 value php        2,200,925,830.00 Dow    10,143.81    -8.99    (-0.09%) S&P 500    1,076.76    +3.07    (0.29%) Nasdaq    2,223.48    +6.06    (0.27%) Wall Street Flat. Asian markets, flat to slightly higher. PSEi, up to new 52 week highs of 3374 before retracing a little, but no volume as we traded only 2B php today, a far cry […]

Daily Market Notes December 29, 2009 Window Dressing Upwards

PSEi   3,052.68         UP     19.84value php  3,464,582,725.00 After continuous days of gains, Wall street only ekes out a .2% gain on all three majors this time.  Meanwhile, the chances of the Fed raising rates by .25 in late January 2010 are over 50%. But the PSEi that faltered about last week made up for it in […]

Does Window dressing mean stocks will go up

Not necessarily so for a general market already tanking. For investorwords, window-dressing means the deceptive practice of some mutual funds, in which recently weak stocks are sold and recently strong stocks are bought just before the fund's holdings are made public, in order to give the appearance that they've been holding good stocks all along. […]

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