How would an attack on Iran affect the stock market?

The chairman of Peilim Investment Portfolio Management Yoram Gabai said it best, “Every war brings the market down for the first few days, what happens afterward depends entirely on whether the war’s end is within sight. The market understands the violence is temporary and corrects itself quickly when the decision on a ceasefire is in […]

Philippine Stock Market Updates Nov 26 testing our patience

PSEi 4,053.58 | down -43.91 | -1.07% Value 4.7B Wall Street closed for thanksgiving day, and Europe trades slightly higher. Today, Asia trades down almost 1%, citing North Korean tensions once again. However, continued European debt concern from Spain and Portugal also sour sentiments. Local trading’s opening pop was brief in both duration and measurement, […]

Philippine Stock Market Update Nov 23 back to the red

PSEi 4,147.35 | down -39.54 | -0.94% Value Php 5.2B With Ireland already accepting the bailout in principle as they work out the package details, early trade in the West was positive, including futures markets, but turned negative by the close. Just this noon, North Korea on Tuesday fired dozens of artillery shells at a […]

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