Margin Call the movie Reviewed!

It has been a while since my last movie review on my beloved FM, and I feel this latest stock-market related movie that I watched entitled Margin Call just deserves some heads up to those expecting fireworks (based on the powerhouse cast of Margin Call) that the Movie Wall Street gave us.    This movie […]

American Debt Ceiling Compromise is a dud

Over the weekend, a lot of interesting developments happened pending the debt ceiling deal.  Gold surged to $1635 as the ever reliable safe haven was flocked to once again when the August 2 deadline drew nearer.  The lower house, congress, announced they will soon vote on a proposal, sending Gold back near 1610. But the […]

effect of Middle East (mena) unrest in economy, inflation, and oil

Last March 2, Wall Street plunged 1.5% as the spike in oil prices is perceived to derail any economic recovery in the making.  At $97 oil for the Nymex, Bernanke said gains in oil prices were unlikely to roil the U.S. economy, although if oil prices remain high, that could stall growth and boost inflation.  […]

DMN June 30 S&P 1040 support watch

Dow    9,870.30    -268.22    (-2.65%) S&P 500    1,041.24    -33.33    (-3.10%) Nasdaq    2,135.18    -85.47    (-3.85%) The Philippines is on Holiday today as President Noynoy Aquino is sworn in. Wall Street suffers a massive 3% blow, as renewed economic weakness fears was started by China’s 4% drop yesterday, spreading into Europe and creeping its way into the Futures […]

DMN June 1

PSEi          3,266.62         DOWN    6.11 value php     2,715,945,810.00 Wall street Holiday Monday, Memorial Day The cat is away, and supposedly the mouse can play, but “cat futures” pointed .5% lower, dampening any positive hopefulness for Asia, despite Europe closing flat last night. Only a handful of index stocks gained: AGI 5.8 TEL BDO CHIB ICT, while […]

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