Philippine Stock Market update Nov 30 DBP Daiwa gets grizzly at the close

PSEi 3,953.70 | down -99.88 | -2.46% Value 8,238,160,267.00 Dow Jones 11,052.49 -39.51 (-0.36%) S&P 500 1,187.76 -1.64 (-0.14%) Nasdaq 2,525.22 -9.34 (-0.37%) DOW 11k gets a reprieve, as they were saved by the close, from an intraday drop of about 150.  Fears of the Euro contagion was still there, as well as the unending […]

Effects of Quantitative Easing 2 on Asia

With quantitative easing, or QE, dominating headlines, it may be worth examining exactly what this policy entails, as well as its implications on Asia. Simply put, quantitative easing is a monetary policy whereby central banks create new money to buy securities from the open market. Because we live in a world of electronic money, the […]

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