Iphone 8 and Iphone x shortage and availability

We have all heard that Iphone 8 and its Flagship Iphone X will be released this fourth quarter.  But as early as today, apple rumor monger and KGI  analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has declared that there will be shortages this year, and customers might only be able to get their hands on these new units come 2018. […]

P1 (PISO) Shortage

Do you know that there's a shortage of P1 coins in our banks?  I wonder what's causing this shortage.  A bank officer told me that they think that the coins are being melted for its nickel content.  Even the P0.25 coins are hard to get these days.  And then there's the fake P5 coins going […]

Rice Crisis isolates Philippine Stock Market

In a radio interview, Senator Manuel Roxas II said that unlike the oil shortage, the root of the rice crisis is in the Philippines, not dictated by the world market.  And according to a recent article, According to the Philippine government, there is no shortage of rice in the country. Rice production is up and […]

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