MSCI Quarterly Index Review for August 2013, Additions and Deletions for the Philippines

Let me save you some time from reading the press release below if you want to cut to the chase.  There seems to be no additions or deletions for the Philippine market, whether big caps or small caps index for the whole of MSCI’s recent rebalancing review released this morning, 5 a.m. +8GMT. Edited: Only […]

Latest Macbook Air 2011 review and benchmark against older models

I was a proud owner of a first generation Macbook Air just because I initially found it visually appealing to carry such a lightweight fully functional laptop that looked so thin! However, performance fell short somehow due to the overall architecture of the processor, ram, motherboard, video card.  It just did not function in symphony […]

DMN Sept 29 Now Showing: Wall Street 2 Money never sleeps

PSEI 4,111.05 | down -12.90 | -0.31% Value php 5B Dow Jones 10,858.14 +46.10 (0.43%) S&P 500 1,147.70 +5.54 (0.49%) Nasdaq 2,379.59 +9.82 (0.41%) Wall Street’s major indexes had fallen sharply earlier after a weaker-than-expected consumer-confidence number, but were back to flat on the day in less than two hours. By closing, they were up […]

Iphone 4 and Iphone 3g compared

iPhone 4 iPhone 3GS Price (on contract) $199 16GB, $299 32GB $99 8GB Processor Apple A4 600MHz, Cortex-A8 architecture Display 3.5-inch IPS 960 x 640 3.5-inch 480 x 320, no IPS Primary camera 5 megapixel AF with flash 3 megapixel AF Secondary camera VGA No Video recording 720p at 30fps, optional iMovie VGA at 30fps, […]

Iphone 4g released, reviews, specs and pricing and unlocking

My favorite gadget I love and hate is back, better than ever.  The Iphone 4G is the only ultimate Iphone 3g killer!  Sidenote: the leaked version featured a few months ago did come out to be true. Key improvements: LED flash for brighter pictures, HD video to go against Samsung and HTC’s HD touch phones, […]

Windows 7 versus Vista versus xp comparison

Now that windows 7 is due out before the holiday season, and a few leaked torrent copies have already made their way into the internet, let's examine if it is worth the upgrade to windows 7. Take a look at the following graphs and research I've compiled which show and compare Windows 7 with vista […]

Globe Tattoo sucks

I'm sorry globe, there's no other way to put this kindly, but your globe tattoo service sucks.  I used this a couple of times in my hours of need, which are of course places outside the office and outside the comforts of my own home and nada.   All I got was network error.  So […]

How to win ebay bids using sniping software

Well, I never knew such a thing existed.  Last month, I asked my ebay expert of brother to help me how to make my first bid.  There was a buy it now post at $48, to which we ignored and tried to bid first at $2.  Much to my surprise, when the deadline for the […]

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