Daily Market Selloff Monday the 13th of June

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Effects of Quantitative Easing 2 on Asia

With quantitative easing, or QE, dominating headlines, it may be worth examining exactly what this policy entails, as well as its implications on Asia. Simply put, quantitative easing is a monetary policy whereby central banks create new money to buy securities from the open market. Because we live in a world of electronic money, the […]

DMN November 5 Commodities and stocks rally worldwide, TEL income falls, stock collpases

PSEi 4,349.11 | down -48.19 | -1.10% Value Php 6,610,076,902.303 Dow Jones    11,434.84    +219.71    (1.96%) S&P 500    1,221.06    +23.10    (1.93%) Nasdaq    2,577.34    +37.07    (1.46%) In a somewhat delayed reaction to its own action, Wall Street only manages to rally 2% after the rest of the world rallies on American Quantitative Easing Part Deux.  Asian markets […]

DMN November 4 Federal Reserve elect to print more money

Psei 4,397.30 | up 15.44 | 0.35% Value php 4.8B Dow Jones 11,215.13 +26.41 (0.24%) S&P 500 1,197.96 +4.39 (0.37%) Nasdaq 2,540.27 +6.75 (0.27%) The elections were over and done with, and nobody had to die like in some country we know. The Republican party took the lower house, while they failed in winning the […]

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