LN’s UBB’s (Useful Balato/Barako Brews)

LN’s UBB’s (Useful Balato/Barako Brews) As the US markets staged an incredible thrust into the 11,000 levels, major currencies and commodity prices also went berserk. As I have been noting on my past UCC’s & UBB’s, attention has shifted to the mining sector, and we should also gear our focus and concentration on the luster […]

Longneck’s Condensed UCC’s and DDD’s Dec 8 ’09

I had a hell of a day in the markets today. I saw my bets on the blues namely MER, ALI, and AC all got crumpled up. The market corrected hard again today. Eversince it hit paydirt above 3,100, our markets have not responded in a positive way. We are now nearing the psychological 3,000 […]

Daily Market Notes December 7, 2009 Philex 9B block increases turnover

PSEi   3,046.63         DOWN   15.36VALUE PHP    11,687,741,875.00VALUE SANS PX BLOCK 2,193,898,075DOW     22.75 +0.22%  10,388.90NASDAQ 21.21 +0.98%  2,194.35S&P 500   6.06 +0.55%  1,105.98 Employers cut 11,000 jobs from their payrolls last month, the Labor Department reported Friday. It was the smallest number of job losses since the start of the recession in December 2007, BUT investors saw this […]

Longneck’s UCC’s (Useful Chit-Chats) : My Thoughts on the Recent Subprime Crisis

The recent subprime financial crisis : what really happened, what’s happening, and my thoughts as to what will happen — these will be discussed and linked as thoroughly as possible by yours truly in simple layman’s terms in this special edition of my UCC’s. I have this thought that has dangled in my mind for […]

Longneck’s UCC’s (Useful Chit-Chats) Dec 4 ’09

After breaking out and above 3,100 on Wednesday, our PSEi has succumbed to profit taking and is down again today by another 29pts to 3,062 . Coincidentally, Wednesday was also the day before this gigantic PX correction. PX’s down move south of about P4.00 costs around a cumulative 35pt drop over the last 2 days. […]

Longneck’s UCC’s (Useful Chit-Chats) Dec 3 ’09

Today’s boring market action was even doused with more cold water by a sliding PX, and an overworked PSEi computer system which halted the market by over 30minutes. PX’s P1.75 slide translated to 15 lost PSEi points, coupled with corrections in MBT/ALI/AC which compounded for another 10pts, and voila!!!! We have a 29pt down day, […]

Daily Market Notes November 19, 2009

PSEi    3,083.30         UP     30.69value php      3,031,260,855.00DOW 11.11 -0.11% 10,426.31NASDAQ 10.64 -0.48% 2,193.14S&P 500 0.37 -0.03% 1,109.80 A drop in new home construction made investors jittery about the economic recovery and wary profit outlooks weighed on the technology sector.  However, data showing initial construction of new single-family homes fell to a six-month low in October was […]

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