How to view subtitles in ps3 while streaming from pc

Okay, so you've learned how to stream seamless from your Windows 7 PC to your PS3, and are able to watch downloaded videos with the upscaling feature of your PS3, but what about those other movies you've downloaded where the subtitles are separate files and not hard coded into your video? The answer is simple. […]

How to stream video from Win 7 to PS3 or XBOX

Previously, we offered an article on how to stream media from your PC's Win XP to your PS3 using a program called Tversity.  With the suave new Windows 7, sharing without using any third party programs could never be easier. The first thing you should do is switch both your ps3 and pc on. With […]

How to stream from PC to PS3 using tversity and enable media server

You've often wondered what icon that is in your Sony PS3 that says "media server".   Well, it is a built in application that allows the PS3 to stream videos from your computer and display it on your TV. What's needed:PS3, PC with (wired) lan, Router, media server software like Tversity – Release RC5 ( […]

How to watch and upscale downloaded movies through ps3

What is upscaling? Upscaling is the conversion of a lower resolution video image (e.g. 720x480p) to a higher resolution (e.g. 1280x720p).  Blue ray disc owners need not concern themselves with upscaling technology, as it is lower resolution video discs that need to be upscaled to almost blueray level. Currently, there are leading brandnamed Panasonic, Samsung, […]

Best Console is still Nintendo Wii

Nintendo remains king on console hardware sales charts. The NPD Group has released its retail findings for March, revealing that Nintendo has sold a staggering 721,000 Wii console for the month – no doubt selling every unit to hit store shelves. This is the reason why wii prices, instead of falling straight down like the […]

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