Allied Bank and PNB credit card promo: Free The Spa and Barre 3 GCs

Shop to Relax Promo: The promo is open to all active principal and supplementary Allied Bank and PNB credit cards in good credit standing. Promo will run from October 25, 2010 to January 25, 2011. Cardholder may combine a maximum of three (3) charge slips of the same credit card to reach the minimum required spending […]

DMN July 29

PSEI 3,429.35 down 22 value        3,363,332,167.00 Dow Jones    10,497.88    -39.81    (-0.38%) S&P 500    1,106.13    -7.71    (-0.69%) Nasdaq    2,264.56    -23.69    (-1.04%) Wall Street slips a little despite better than expected housing data, a sign that the rally is tired and rest is needed before the next runup. More on my observation that financial sites […]

DMN July 23

PSEi                 3,416.10         UP      1.20 value php             4,410,843,230.00 Dow    10,322.30    +201.77    (1.99%) S&P 500    1,093.67    +24.08    (2.25%) Nasdaq    2,245.89    +58.56    (2.68%) Bernanke taketh away, Bernanke Giveth. Following his “unsure economic prospect” which sent markets off a cliff the other day, Fed Chair Ben Bernanke now mentions  in a second day of congressional testimony that he is […]

Longneck’s Condensed UCC’s and DDD’s Dec 8 ’09

I had a hell of a day in the markets today. I saw my bets on the blues namely MER, ALI, and AC all got crumpled up. The market corrected hard again today. Eversince it hit paydirt above 3,100, our markets have not responded in a positive way. We are now nearing the psychological 3,000 […]

Longneck’s UCC’s (Useful Chit-Chats) Nov 22 ’09

The last week saw our PSEi advance by 35 pts, and this is mainly attributed to the week on week P202-P228 advance of MERALCO. The banking sector as a whole was also very strong and aided to the ascent. Technically, MER may have already broken out of its P226 recent high, closing at P228. But […]

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