BPI-PNB Merger will make BPI the country’s largest bank


DMN July 29

PSEI 3,429.35 down 22 value        3,363,332,167.00 Dow Jones    10,497.88    -39.81    (-0.38%) S&P 500    1,106.13    -7.71    (-0.69%) Nasdaq    2,264.56    -23.69    (-1.04%) Wall Street slips a little despite better than expected housing data, a sign that the rally is tired and rest is needed before the next runup. More on my observation that financial sites […]

DMN July 23

PSEi                 3,416.10         UP      1.20 value php             4,410,843,230.00 Dow    10,322.30    +201.77    (1.99%) S&P 500    1,093.67    +24.08    (2.25%) Nasdaq    2,245.89    +58.56    (2.68%) Bernanke taketh away, Bernanke Giveth. Following his “unsure economic prospect” which sent markets off a cliff the other day, Fed Chair Ben Bernanke now mentions  in a second day of congressional testimony that he is […]

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