Youtube video: MMDA officer mauled by civilian

  “Motorist caught mauling@MMDA is Robert Carabuena, Green Volvo S 60 plate #XCF871 via@djstaana” this  tweet was copied from Karen Davila’s Twitter account watch?v=QNhFqltauQU i think the people who caught this on video was from news 5, based on their youtube details here is their interview of the mmda guy afterwards

Youtube video: Philip Philips is the new American Idol 2012

Finally! The suspense is over… Congratulations to Philip Philips and Jessica Sanchez for one great season.

Youtube videos: American Idol Finale Philip vs. Jessica

Jessica round 1 Philip round 1 Jessica round 2 Philip round 2 Jessica round 3 Philip round 3

Jessica Sanchez is in the American Idol Top Two!!!

Joshua gets eliminated.   Jessica and Philip faces each other next week for the final winner of this year’s American Idol.

Jessica Sanchez gets closer to being 2012 American Idol

Jessica Sanchez was first to get into the Top Three while Hollie Cavanagh was eliminated.  Final top three contestants include Philip Philips and Joshua Ledet.

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