Philippines newest billionaires list for 2011 from Forbes

The Philippines’ top 40 richest according to Forbes even grew to a collective $34 billion, up from last year’s $22.8 billion. The Philippines’ economy grew only 4.9% in the  first quarter of the year in part because of a drop  in trade and lower infrastructure spending by  government, off from 8.4% in 2010, but the […]

DMN July 30

PSEi  3,426.95  -2.40 pts.  -0.07% value php 2,927,956,631.50 Dow Jones    10,467.16    -30.72    (-0.29%) S&P 500    1,101.53    -4.60    (-0.42%) Nasdaq    2,251.69    -12.87    (-0.57%) Wall Street traded within a 2% range, opening about 80 points higher, then cascading off a cliff to sink down 100 points, only to gradually recover. Data showing Fewer jobs lost failed to […]

Daily Market Notes January 7, 2010

PSEi  3,077.78         UP     37.85value php  2,523,491,890.00 DOW     1.66 +0.02% 10,573.68NASDAQ 7.62 -0.33%   2,301.09S&P 500 0.62 +0.05%   1,137.14The mood returned quite to normal as the top index leaders were the big caps TEL (2690 up 50, +14.4 on the index) ALI. (up .50, at 11.25, +8.5 on the index) SMC gains 5 pesos to 72, after […]

Longneck’s UCC’s (Useful Chit-Chats) Dec 7 ’09

 – – –  THE EARLY AM and SUPER LATE EDITION – – – Today marked the block sale of PX at P21.00 from RVO and co. to MVP and probably raised the speculation bar that Lolo could be next in line. This made today’s newspaper’s headlines as MA/MAB/LC/LCB are all up, higher and actively traded. MA/MAB is […]

Daily Market Notes December 7, 2009 Philex 9B block increases turnover

PSEi   3,046.63         DOWN   15.36VALUE PHP    11,687,741,875.00VALUE SANS PX BLOCK 2,193,898,075DOW     22.75 +0.22%  10,388.90NASDAQ 21.21 +0.98%  2,194.35S&P 500   6.06 +0.55%  1,105.98 Employers cut 11,000 jobs from their payrolls last month, the Labor Department reported Friday. It was the smallest number of job losses since the start of the recession in December 2007, BUT investors saw this […]

Daily Market Notes November 27, 2009

PSEi    3,044.97         DOWN   44.85value php      66,895,317,835.00value sans smc block:  P2.6B DOW    30.69 +0.29% 10,464.40NASDAQ 6.87 +0.32% 2,176.05S&P 500 4.98 +0.45% 1,110.63 Stocks drop 3-5% around the world as Dubai World, the government investment company burdened by $59 billion of liabilities, sought to delay repayment on much of its debt. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. analysts estimated […]

Some charts : web

While everybody's eyes are on ISM, let's talk about WEB which no one else has anyway.  Just the other day I showed my friend what the chart of WEB looks like and I was telling him how it would hit the trendline soon.  Well, this chart is about a day or two old, and we've […]

Daily Market Notes October 15, 2009

PSEi 2,942.79 UP 12.09value php 3,234,684,796.20over 4B php in volume desperately needed to bring us past 3000! DOW 144.80 +1.47% 10,015.86NASDAQ 32.34 +1.51% 2,172.23S&P 500 18.83 +1.75% 1,092.02 Intel beating estimates but giving a rosy outlook, plus JPMorgan smashing estimates help keep the DJIA rally well above 1% for most of their trading day, and […]

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