Eulogy of President Noynoy Aquino for Sec. Jesse Robredo

DMN June 29

PSEi                 3,372.71         UP      8.81 value php              3,522,470,105.00 Dow    10,138.52    -5.29    (-0.05%) S&P 500    1,074.57    -2.19    (-0.20%) Nasdaq    2,220.65    -2.83    (-0.13%) The story of Wall Street and its ending was still pretty much the same.  Down about 70, recovered to up about 40, then closed flat again.  Bulls and bears are at equilibrium right now, and […]

DMN June 28

PSEi      3,363.90         UP     11.44 value php        2,200,925,830.00 Dow    10,143.81    -8.99    (-0.09%) S&P 500    1,076.76    +3.07    (0.29%) Nasdaq    2,223.48    +6.06    (0.27%) Wall Street Flat. Asian markets, flat to slightly higher. PSEi, up to new 52 week highs of 3374 before retracing a little, but no volume as we traded only 2B php today, a far cry […]

PGMA declares President-elect Benigno Aquino III (Noynoy)’s Inauguration on June 30, 2010 a special non working holiday

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has declared President-elect Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III’s inauguration on June 30 (Wednesday) a special non-working holiday, a Malacañang official announced Thursday.

LN’s UCC’s (Useful Chit-Chats) June 9 ’10

The DOW bounced last night by 100-pts, and for those PSE-decouple advocates, a DOW up should coincide with a PSE drop.. (Joke).. Anyways, from the way I see it, the proclamation of NOY-BI today became a non-event.. Previously, a lot of people are thinking that we will have a strong punch to the upside, when […]

DMN May 11

PSEi    3,262.93         UP    120.87 value php         6,084,192,716.00 Dow      10,785.14    +404.71    (3.90%) S&P 500  1,159.73    +48.85    (4.40%) Nasdaq     2,374.67    +109.03    (4.81%) Over the weekend, the Euro zone convened and came up with a rescue package announcing that they will defend the Euro and protect Greece by buying bad assets and having money for standby. This delayed […]

DMN March 29

PSEi    3,177.56         DOWN    3.12 value php      3,241,311,414.82 Dow    +9.15 10,850.36+0.08% Nasdaq    – 2.28 2,395.13-0.10% S&P 500+0.86 1,166.59+0.07% Wall Streat rallies yet pares down the gains and close flat once again. The Psei did the opposite as we headed straight down but recovered most of the day’s loss to close only slightly lower. Today’s leaders were […]

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