DMN NOV 10 Pacquiao Margarito blood comes early to the PSE!

PSEI 4,197.57 |DOWN! -68.88 | -1.61% Value Php 6.7B Dow Jones 11,346.75 -60.09 (-0.53%) S&P 500 1,213.40 -9.85 (-0.81%) Nasdaq 2,562.98 -17.07 (-0.66%) The once almighty dollar rises once more after the honeymoon period of QE2 wears off. Technical gobbledygook from cnbc says that technical reason for the pause could be that the S&P 500, […]

November 16, 2010 declared as non working national holiday

November 16, Tuesday, has been declared a National Holiday in celebration of the Islamic religious holiday Eid’l Adha. According to Proclamation Number 60, which signed by the President, the holiday is a non working holiday.

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