Philippine stock rundown January 14 Aboitiz Powers the day

PSEi 4,132.04 | up 61.93 | 1.52% Value Php 5.6B Dow Jones    11,731.90    -23.54    (-0.20%) S&P 500    1,283.76    -2.20    (-0.17%) Nasdaq    2,735.29    -2.04    (-0.07%) Unemployment data showing Americans still losing more jobs than expected was not any reason for a continued uptick.  The Dow Industrials was mostly in negative territory for the day. It was […]

Philippine Daily Stock news January 5 Open Skies, dark CLOUDs, and pacific dreams

PSEI 4212 down 5 PHP 4B Dow Jones    11,691.18    +20.43    (0.18%) S&P 500    1,270.20    -1.69    (-0.13%) Nasdaq    2,681.25    -10.27    (-0.38%) Asian markets slid on Wednesday while wall street turns flat following a broad commodities selloff but losses were limited as stronger-than expected U.S. factory data lent support.  To note, Gold was doing 1420 yesterday then […]

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