Philippine Airlines Midnight Special Sale for Domestic, Regional and International flights

PAL Midnight Special Starting this week, there shall be a 12-hour window to book Midnight Special deals. Effectively, it will run from 7:00pm Saturday until 7:00am Sunday (Manila time).

PAL Midnight Special

PAL Midnight Special runs every Sunday from 12:01 am to 6:00 am(Manila time). By simply booking flights from midnight till early Sunday morning, get local, regional and international flights at a discount !!!

PAL Philippine Airlines Midnight Promo is back!!! Midnight Special part 5

Enjoy great fare deals this weekend in PAL Midnight Special Part 5. This promo will run on 22MAY (Saturday) midnight to 6am the following Sunday. Promo details will be available at the PAL website on 22MAY 2010 at 3pm (Manila time). The limited-seat promo will be available only at the PAL website –

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