PHL Math Team wins honors in 2011 China Primary Math Olympiad and China Junior High School Math Olympiad

The Philippines has proven anew its strong sense of competitiveness in the simultaneously held math contests, the 2011 China Primary Math Olympiad (CPMO) and 2011 China Junior High School Math Olympiad (CJHSMO) held in Beijing Jingshan School, Beijing, China last August 10 – 15, 2011. Close to a thousand participants from several countries and territories […]

Go for Gold!!! Support the Philippine 2011 IMO team by liking their FB page

  The Philippines joined the International Mathematical Olympiad in 1988 but since then, it never got a gold medal.  The closest we got was a silver medal from last year’s IMO won by  Carmela Antoinette Lao.  Carmela Lao is also the most bemedalled Filipino IMO contestant to date.  For this year’s competition, the Philippines will […]

Summer Classes for kids (Quezon City) – cooking, baking, swimming, acting, arts, computer, gymnastics and more…

Summer is the best time for kids to explore other things aside from academics.  There are classes in art, reading, math, cooking, baking, gymnastics,acting, swimming,  etc.  Here are some of the classes that are available in Quezon City. 1. KINDERVILLE learning center (formerly wiz child kindergarten) has several  summer programs  in collaboration with the following […]

Seven MTG Mathchievers outwit Asian Contenders in 2nd Hua Luo Geng Mathematics Elites Invitational Competition in Beijing, China

From: MTG Philippines       It’s another homerun for the Filipino kids who went to meet the challenge in the 2nd Hua Luo Geng Mathematics Elites Invitational Competition held in Beijing, China on July 16-20, 2008 which was participated in by no less than 259 math-gifted children from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore and […]

Pinoy Math Warriors triumph in IMC – Singapore

From: MTG Pilippines:      Just like any combatants, the MTG kids armed themselves to the teeth in facing one of the intense mind-boggling math contests this year. The challenge of bringing home the coveted gold, silver, and bronze became more extreme when MTG kids in other international math competitions brought home the much desired bacon […]

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