Dragonology, a study of charts by Dragon

  FROM Wikipedia: Dragonology is the title of several books, a modeling kit, and a board game released in 2006. Dragonology is mainly about summoning a dragon and learning the secrets of dragons. The Greek suffix LOGY means ( a suffix meaning: to talk, to speak; any branch of knowledge; any science or academic field that […]

Philippine stock update January 28 Of Manila Mining Mvp Rsa and Philex

PSEi 3,970.34 | -20.15 | -0.50% Value 5.4B Once again, Wall Street flirts with 12k, and the whole world can’t wait no more. Asia begins the decline citing Japan’s weaker outlook especially after S&P downgraded its sovereign debt. Pity that, as our PSEi was making headway past 4k at the open. We were up 35, […]

DMN October 28 Cebu Pacific makes emergency landing

PSEi 4,260.69 |down -24.38 | -0.57% Value Php 5b Dow Jones 11,126.28 -43.18 (-0.39%) S&P 500 1,182.45 -3.19 (-0.27%) Nasdaq 2,503.26 +5.97 (0.24%) Wall Street sinks as investors considered news that the Federal Reserve may not provide as much stimulus to the economy as had been anticipated, due to the strengthening housing data. Go figure. […]

Longneck’s UCC’s (Useful Chit-Chats) Dec 7 ’09

 – – –  THE EARLY AM and SUPER LATE EDITION – – – Today marked the block sale of PX at P21.00 from RVO and co. to MVP and probably raised the speculation bar that Lolo could be next in line. This made today’s newspaper’s headlines as MA/MAB/LC/LCB are all up, higher and actively traded. MA/MAB is […]

Daily Market Notes September 29, 2009

PSEi 2,807.32 UP 22.67value php 2,022,332,450.00 DOW 124.17 +1.28% 9,789.36NASDAQ 39.82 +1.90% 2,130.74S&P 500 18.60 +1.78% 1,062.98 Wall street took the 4 separate merger and acquisition news of pharma companies abbott and solvay, and xerox and affiliated computers, american securities and gentek, jnj and crucell as signs of bullishness and return to confidence, as the […]

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