Philippines newest billionaires list for 2011 from Forbes

The Philippines’ top 40 richest according to Forbes even grew to a collective $34 billion, up from last year’s $22.8 billion. The Philippines’ economy grew only 4.9% in the  first quarter of the year in part because of a drop  in trade and lower infrastructure spending by  government, off from 8.4% in 2010, but the […]

Philippine Stock Market April 12

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Filipino Billionaires newcomers: Andrew Tan and Enrique Razon

forbes list

The country’s mall magnate Henry Sy and tobacco king Lucio Tan remained among the world’s richest, while Andrew Tan and Enrique Razon joined the elite billionaires list this year, according to Forbes Magazine. Rising from the 201st place in 2010, Sy and his family ranked 173rd in Forbes’ list of super-rich this year with a net […]

Philippine Stock daily January 17, 7 signs of death or of strength?

PSEi 4,148 | up 16 Value Php 4.9B Dow Jones    11,787.38    +55.48    (0.47%) S&P 500    1,293.24    +9.48    (0.74%) Nasdaq    2,755.30    +20.01    (0.73%) Strong earnings reports from JPMorgan and Intel help propel Wall Street to fresh recent highs. Meanwhile, China tightens via increasing reserve requirements.  This move aims to reduce liquidity for speculation, and effectively increases […]

DMN July 29

PSEI 3,429.35 down 22 value        3,363,332,167.00 Dow Jones    10,497.88    -39.81    (-0.38%) S&P 500    1,106.13    -7.71    (-0.69%) Nasdaq    2,264.56    -23.69    (-1.04%) Wall Street slips a little despite better than expected housing data, a sign that the rally is tired and rest is needed before the next runup. More on my observation that financial sites […]

DMN July 23

PSEi                 3,416.10         UP      1.20 value php             4,410,843,230.00 Dow    10,322.30    +201.77    (1.99%) S&P 500    1,093.67    +24.08    (2.25%) Nasdaq    2,245.89    +58.56    (2.68%) Bernanke taketh away, Bernanke Giveth. Following his “unsure economic prospect” which sent markets off a cliff the other day, Fed Chair Ben Bernanke now mentions  in a second day of congressional testimony that he is […]

Forbes 40 Richest Men in the Philippines 2010 list

TWENTY billion dollars is how much a large USbank had to return to the government after receiving bailout. It is how much a giant oil company will pay victims of the recent oil spill. It is also the total net worth of the 40 richest people from the Philippines.In its 2010 list, Forbes Asia Magazine […]

Richest Filipinos still Henry Sy, Ayala, Lucio Tan

The Philippines' biggest mall operator and his family have increased their wealth by $1.4 billion despite the global financial turmoil, making them the wealthiest Filipinos this year, Forbes Asia magazine said Thursday. Forbes said 83-year-old Henry Sy and his family are worth $3.1 billion. They rose from No. 2 position last year on the back […]

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