DMN March 17

PSEi 3,088.05 UP 2.92 value php 3,309,653,850.00 Dow    +43.83 10,685.98+0.41% Nasdaq+15.80 2,378.01+0.67% S&P 500 +8.95 1,159.46+0.78% Wall street trades flat then closes high on American Federal Reserve pledging to keep rates low.  Our Psei opens lower, climbs to 3099, then dips back into the red before closing only slightly higher. Volume was only about 2B […]

Daily Market Notes January 6, 2010

PSEi  3,039.93         UP     11.47value php 2,378,812,215.00 DOW    11.94 -0.11% 10,572.02NASDAQ 0.29 +0.01% 2,308.71S&P 500 3.53 +0.31% 1,136.52 After a fantabulous opening day, Wall Street corrects on the second day and recovers most of the red by the close. Asia continues to trek higher, dragging our PSEi along with sustained NFB. huge NFB came from these […]

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