LN’s UBB’s (Useful Balato/Barako Brews)

LN’s UBB’s (Useful Balato/Barako Brews) As the US markets staged an incredible thrust into the 11,000 levels, major currencies and commodity prices also went berserk. As I have been noting on my past UCC’s & UBB’s, attention has shifted to the mining sector, and we should also gear our focus and concentration on the luster […]

LN’s UCC’s (Useful Chit-Chats) July 31 ’10

– – – – THE MONTH OF AUGUST = AuGHOST OR AuGOSH month – – – – – This month of August happens to be the start of the dreaded ghost month. It officially kicks off August 10th.. For investors this usually means thin volumes, and for many in the industry, this usually means escape […]

Finance Manila Absolute Traders Get Together with Investor Friends

Guests Listen on to First Metro Investment’s outlook What a week that was, after several weeks of planning with our friends at Absolute Traders, we were able to come up with a very special event that was enjoyed by most. PROLOGUE I must admit, the past big gatherings stressed me out a lot, as most […]

Longneck’s UCC’s (Useful Chit-Chats) : My Thoughts on the Recent Subprime Crisis

The recent subprime financial crisis : what really happened, what’s happening, and my thoughts as to what will happen — these will be discussed and linked as thoroughly as possible by yours truly in simple layman’s terms in this special edition of my UCC’s. I have this thought that has dangled in my mind for […]

Longneck’s UCC’s (Useful Chit-Chats) Nov 24 ’09

DOW’s 100pt rise last night was greeted by a muted response as although our index psei did end up gaining 26pts, market breadth was not as positive as one might have expected. Leading the way was TEL’s P55.00 rise to P2,600 translating to 16 gained PSEi pts. This alone accounts for more than half of […]

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