Jim Rogers exaggerates S&P Could Go to 50,000 due to inflation

Jim Rogers: S&P Could Go to 50,000 From The Business Insider, June 3, 2009: Ahh, Jim Rogers, always good for a nice headline (see: above). In an interview with the Economic Times of India, the famously dramatic and bearish investor, hits on all his favorite themes, like the collapse of the West, the appeal of […]

Jim Rogers on the Asian Financial Forum Jan 21 2009

James Beeland Rogers, Jr. (born October 19, 1942) is an American investor and financial commentator. He is co-founder, along with George Soros, of the Quantum Fund, and is a college professor, author, world traveler, economic commentator, and creator of the Rogers International Commodities Index (RICI).    

Never Met A Rich Technician

An excerpt of Market Wizards author, Jack Schwager's talk about trader styles. Note how he compares "Mr. Commodities" Jim Rogers and "Champion Trader" Marty Schwartz:

China to replace America as next superpower – Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers, Rogers, a former member of the Barron's Roundtable and, with George Soros, co-founder of the Quantum Fund in the 1970s, investor, author, biker, and adventure capitalist, has moved to Singapore for its Chinese atmosphere. Having two daughters, one 4 years old, and one 4 weeks old, he wants them to grow up in […]

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