IP Converge IPO (Cloud) price set at 4.2

IP Converge Stock symbol: CLOUD Number of shares listing : 181,866,669 common shares Shares available to public: 25% of listed, or 45.47 million common shares Price range: 4 to 8.80 per share. Final price: 4.20 offer period: November 25 to December 2, 2010 Listing date: December 9, 2010. Underwriters: BDO Capital & Investment Corporation is […]

Philippine Stock Market Daily update November 15

PSEi 4,139.32 | up 62.64 | 1.54% Value Php 5.2B Dow Jones    11,192.58    -90.52    (-0.80%) S&P 500    1,199.21    -14.33    (-1.18%) Nasdaq    2,518.21    -37.31    (-1.46%) Wall Street futures last Friday noon (+8gmt) pointed to impending declines well over 1%.  Thankfully for the bulls, Ireland is offered a bailout package by Europe, headed by Germany.  This halved […]

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