effect of Middle East (mena) unrest in economy, inflation, and oil

Last March 2, Wall Street plunged 1.5% as the spike in oil prices is perceived to derail any economic recovery in the making.  At $97 oil for the Nymex, Bernanke said gains in oil prices were unlikely to roil the U.S. economy, although if oil prices remain high, that could stall growth and boost inflation.  […]

Saudi Arabia day of rage march 11 protest page at facebook

If you’re stuck under a rock lately, you probably are clueless to the unrest in the Middle East and North Africa region, or MENA.  A few analysts have already come out to say that similar chaos like Libya, Tunisia, or Egypt can ensue in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia In their Saudi day of rage […]

Philippine 3rd Quarter GDP disappoints at %6.5

Philippines GDP undershot expectations up 6.5% y/y vs consensus 7.3% and below recent NEDA projections. Gross domestic product (GDP) growth for the July to September period was below the revised 8.2% and 7.8% jumps recorded in the second and first quarters, respectively. It was also lower than the 6.8% estimate in a previous Reuters poll […]

what are SDA special deposit accounts

BSP Special Deposit Account (SDA) and Reverse Repurchase Agreement (RRP) Short-term liability products of the BSP with tenors range from 3 days to 2 months. These are relatively risk-free investment in terms of credit risk since it is issued by the BSP which is a government agency. These are evidenced by a Participation Agreement.   Interest […]

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