Philippines GDP: likely to hit 6% growth

Even with the crisis in Europe, low growth in the United States and slow down in China, the Philippines still expects to hit 5-6 % GDP this year. Earlier this month President Benigno Aquino was confident that the country would meet this growth target especially with infrastructure spending planned. With its foreign debt servicing made easier with […]

What countries are considered Emerging Markets?

The term Emerging Markets was coined in 1981 by Antoine W. Van Agtmael of the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank.  It is defined as an economy with low to middle per capita income. These also pertain to nations with social or business activity in the process of rapid growth and industrialization. Based on data from 2006, […]

Fitch downgrades RP’s outlook

LONDON-BASED Fitch Ratings has cut its growth forecast for the Philippines to just 0.5% for this year, substantially lower than the its 2.0% estimate in February and the government’s trimmed 3.1-4.1% expectation announced last week. "We are now forecasting a GDP (gross domestic product) growth rate of 0.5% in 2009, the lowest growth rate since […]

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