Philippines Included In The Top 20 Emerging Markets

The Philippines makes it to number 20 in Bloomberg’s list of emerging markets citing the following data: Philippines GDP growth, 2013 to 2017: 20.4% Inflation rate: 4.1% Government debt as % of GDP: 36.8 Ease of doing business, rank: 138 Total score: 38.1 The data comes from Bloomberg’s financial-market statistics, IMF forecasts and the World […]

Philippines GDP: likely to hit 6% growth

Even with the crisis in Europe, low growth in the United States and slow down in China, the Philippines still expects to hit 5-6 % GDP this year. Earlier this month President Benigno Aquino was confident that the country would meet this growth target especially with infrastructure spending planned. With its foreign debt servicing made easier with […]

Top 10 fastest growing economies of the world

10 : Mongolia GDP Real Growth rate % :  10.60 09 : Liechtenstein GDP Real Growth rate % : 11.00 08 : Ethiopia GDP Real Growth rate % : 11.60 07 : Angola GDP Real Growth rate % : 11.70 06 : Ukraine GDP Real Growth rate % : 12.00 05 : Venezuela GDP Real […]

Why is the Philippines poor?

This businessmirror article by Zoilo Bingo Dejaresco actually answers the previous article's dilemma, or more like quagmire, on why the Philippines will take 175 years to catch up on other countries in terms of GDP.  This article here actually sums up the cause of our self inflicted poverty, which are the attitudes of crab mentality […]

Philippines 175 years behind in terms of GDP

Most of us in touch with reality know how our country lags as compared to other previously third world countries when we see their infrastructure, political system, economic reaping, etc., but to actually get this figure of 175 years behind from the ADB. wow! It would take nearly two centuries for the Philippines to catch […]

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