New composition of PSEindex effective September 12, 2011


The new rules and criteria to determine the thirty (30) companies that will comprise the PSE Index (PSEi) has been used for the upcoming recomposition of the PSEindex effective on September 12, 2011. To be eligible to join the PSEi, a stock has to meet two main criteria. First, it has to have a minimum […]

LN’s UCC’s Feb 2 Property of Longneck

Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content.

Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content.

Philippine Daily Update Jan 18 Impending rate hike not an impetus to break 4222

PSEi 4,072.59 | down -75.57 | -1.82% Value Php 5.1B Wall Street was closed last night for Martin Luther King Holiday.  In the meantime, after already reacting yesterday noon to China’s tightening stance, the rest of Asia is now flat to slightly higher, with the PSEi still bearing the brunt of the impact. It seems […]

PSEi June 2008 outlook

PSEi DAILY CHART with WEEKLY CHART IN INNER WINDOW Shown in the inner window is the PSEi weekly chart with two opposing signals. One, an already broken support of the 5 year uptrendline. The second one is an impending upwards crossover in the MACD, which should generate a buy if this happens.  But that is […]

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