Philippine Stock Update March 15

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Philippine stock update March 14

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LN’s UBB’s (Useful Breakfast Brews)

LN’s UBB’s (Useful Breakfast Brews) The market has now corrected 2 days in a row, had it not for a last minute window dressing for SM to P570, we would have been down for the index PSEi close to 50 pts. Market internals still favor the bulls though, as foreign money/buying still continues to come […]

How to trade this market: some support levels to think of

Assuming regular correction only (short to medium term): -These stocks will correct back to uptrendline, and some of the targets are still pretty far off: *(newly updated in bold) TEL 2500 AT – macd crossover sell 01/26/2010. S: 10, 8.90 FPH – macd crossover sell 01/26/2010 s:45.0 (still an uptrend if it hits that), break […]

LN’s UCC’s : A Reason in Reflection …

This May '09, I was given my own thread, a LAIR to be exact by Boss Dragon. I was at first very hesitant, as I don't know if I am up to it. Well, markets being bullish helped me look good, and thanks to the support the all of you have given me, my lair […]

Daily Market Notes December 17, 2009

PSEi     3,048.15         UP     15.78value php      3,952,771,955.00 DOW   10.88 -0.10% 10,441.12 NASDAQ 5.86 +0.27% 2,206.91S&P 500 1.25 +0.11% 1,109.18 Wall street turns flat amidst a global equity market that has run 70 to 100% already, and yet is on the way to economic recovery.   Local markets edge higher led by EDC 4.55, TEL 2610, AC […]

Daily Market Notes December 16, 2009

PSEi                 3,032.37         DOWN   14.20value php           3,083,611,677.45 DOW      49.05 -0.47% 10,452.00NASDAQ 11.05 -0.50% 2,201.05S&P 500   6.18 -0.55% 1,107.93 Wall street corrects on data pointing to inflation. Local trade manages to pare losses by half at closing time.  Roughly 600M pesos of today's 3B total trades turnover were crosses from SM, TEL VLL. Today's overall top gainers […]

Longneck’s UCC’s : Focus on FGEN SRO

ANALYSIS ON FGEN and UPCOMING SRO : Technically, FGEN broke down today of P15.25~P15.50, but with RSI now at 29, might be due for a bounce back to the above said levels… How will I play this one? Chart supports are at previous psychological P20.00 –> P20.00 / 1.50 (50% stock div) = P13.33 roughly… […]

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