Ateneo de Manila College Glee Club bags several awards from European choral competitions

The Ateneo de Manila College Glee Club garnered the Heinrich Schütz Perpetual Trophy, Peace Trophy, and the Fleischmann International Trophy (1st prize) in the 58th Cork International Choral Festival in Cork, Ireland. Follow their wonderful journey thru the link below:

How would an attack on Iran affect the stock market?

The chairman of Peilim Investment Portfolio Management Yoram Gabai said it best, “Every war brings the market down for the first few days, what happens afterward depends entirely on whether the war’s end is within sight. The market understands the violence is temporary and corrects itself quickly when the decision on a ceasefire is in […]

How much is Queen Elizabeth II ‘s net worth?


How much is the Queen of England worth? Because most of her wealth is tied to her position and not hers personally, Queen Elizabeth II’s personal worth has never been officially disclosed. Recent estimates were somewhere in the vicinity of $500 million (£300m) as of May 2011 (personal net worth ccording to Sunday Times Rich […]

HSBC Cathay Pacific Instant Reward Redemption – REVISED RULE!!!

For HSBC cardholders, you have till August 8 to redeem your charge slips without needing to buy 1-take 1.  The new rules require one to buy a ticket first and use the charge slips to redeem another ticket.   Also, it is best to go to Cathay Pacific offices early due to the heavy volume […]

Top 10 selling cars in Europe

Europe is the largest producer of automobiles in the world is the European Union. Therefore, the key to the prosperity of Europe is the automotive industry. Gross Domestic Item (GDP) and exports in Europe is strengthened by the automotive industry. The best cars sold in Europe are enumerated in the following list.   1. Volkswagen […]

Philippine Stock Market Daily update November 15

PSEi 4,139.32 | up 62.64 | 1.54% Value Php 5.2B Dow Jones    11,192.58    -90.52    (-0.80%) S&P 500    1,199.21    -14.33    (-1.18%) Nasdaq    2,518.21    -37.31    (-1.46%) Wall Street futures last Friday noon (+8gmt) pointed to impending declines well over 1%.  Thankfully for the bulls, Ireland is offered a bailout package by Europe, headed by Germany.  This halved […]

The Volkswagen Short Squeeze Play

Hedge funds have lost £18bn in two days of trading in Volkswagen (VW) shares that briefly saw the carmaker become the world's most valuable company.  The damage from the head-on collision between many scores of hedge funds (and maybe some banks) is yet to become fully apparent. Some early estimates suggested that the losses from […]

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