Election Fever Has Arrived

With less than a year left before the country is again plunged into another protracted battle for the next set of public officials, the nation is already being ushered to a growing discussion as to who is the best man (or woman) for the job to lead the country in the next six years. Already, […]

DMN May 11

PSEi    3,262.93         UP    120.87 value php         6,084,192,716.00 Dow      10,785.14    +404.71    (3.90%) S&P 500  1,159.73    +48.85    (4.40%) Nasdaq     2,374.67    +109.03    (4.81%) Over the weekend, the Euro zone convened and came up with a rescue package announcing that they will defend the Euro and protect Greece by buying bad assets and having money for standby. This delayed […]

The Camella and Palmera Homes Bond Default of the 90s

Below is an article that reminds us of why some people who bought CMP, or Camella and Palmera bonds in the 90s are scoffing at Manny Villar’s election jingle “nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura”, and singing their own version, “nakaligo ka na ba sa bonds na basura” May 2nd, 2010 by Manuel […]

Daily Market Notes September 17, 2009

PSEi                 2,771.97         UP      3.36value  php             2,950,827,875.00 DOW    108.30 +1.12% 9,791.71NASDAQ  30.51 +1.45% 2,133.15S&P 500 16.13 +1.53% 1,068.76 A better-than-expected reading on the manufacturing sector added to optimism about the recovery sends Wall Street to fresh highs led by banking and industrial sector. Locally, the mud slinging continues in the PSEi as well as in the […]

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