Election Fever Has Arrived

With less than a year left before the country is again plunged into another protracted battle for the next set of public officials, the nation is already being ushered to a growing discussion as to who is the best man (or woman) for the job to lead the country in the next six years. Already, […]

DMN April 22

PSEi   3,237.57         UP     33.10 value php     3,105,239,950.00 Dow     11,124.92    +7.86    (0.07%) S&P 500 1,205.93    -1.24    (-0.10%) Nasdaq   2,504.61    +4.30    (0.17%) Choppy Wall Street trading ends in a flat session, unable to claw back to definite positive territory despite good earnings results so far from Google, Apple, etc. For the PSEi tally, half of the index […]

DMN March 29

PSEi    3,177.56         DOWN    3.12 value php      3,241,311,414.82 Dow    +9.15 10,850.36+0.08% Nasdaq    – 2.28 2,395.13-0.10% S&P 500+0.86 1,166.59+0.07% Wall Streat rallies yet pares down the gains and close flat once again. The Psei did the opposite as we headed straight down but recovered most of the day’s loss to close only slightly lower. Today’s leaders were […]

Slacker Uprising – Michael Moore

Michael Moore's latest movie, which he offerred for free download this month, is coming at a critical time, with weeks to the next US presidential elections. He jumps into the events of the 2004 election between Kerry and Bush and offers a scathing commentary.

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