Best performing stock markets of 2011, PSEi best in Asia


Philippine equities were among the top index performers in the world (It IS NOT TRUE that the PSEi is ranked third behind Venezuela and US as according to this manila bulletin article) and best in Asia (that much is true), trumping its bigger counterparts such as Indonesia (+1.7 percent) and Thailand (-0.44 percent). Iceland ICEX, […]

What does the death cross for the S&P mean this 2011?

A chart pattern called the death cross occured in the S&P last Thursday when its 50 Day Moving Average sliced or cross below its 200 day MA. Here’s a look at the recent hits and misses batting average for that dreaded death cross: June 23 2010 = FAIL. On the heels of a Greek bailout, […]

American Debt Ceiling Compromise is a dud

Over the weekend, a lot of interesting developments happened pending the debt ceiling deal.  Gold surged to $1635 as the ever reliable safe haven was flocked to once again when the August 2 deadline drew nearer.  The lower house, congress, announced they will soon vote on a proposal, sending Gold back near 1610. But the […]

Daily Market Selloff Monday the 13th of June

Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content.

Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content.

DMN November 4 Federal Reserve elect to print more money

Psei 4,397.30 | up 15.44 | 0.35% Value php 4.8B Dow Jones 11,215.13 +26.41 (0.24%) S&P 500 1,197.96 +4.39 (0.37%) Nasdaq 2,540.27 +6.75 (0.27%) The elections were over and done with, and nobody had to die like in some country we know. The Republican party took the lower house, while they failed in winning the […]

LN’s UCC’s (Useful Chit-Chats) July 31 ’10

– – – – THE MONTH OF AUGUST = AuGHOST OR AuGOSH month – – – – – This month of August happens to be the start of the dreaded ghost month. It officially kicks off August 10th.. For investors this usually means thin volumes, and for many in the industry, this usually means escape […]

DMN July 21

PSEi 3,418.71 UP 13.02 value php 3,752,729,515.00 Dow 10,229.96 +75.53 (0.74%) S&P 500 1,083.48 +12.23 (1.14%) Nasdaq 2,222.49 +24.26 (1.10%) Read this. it’s Kind of funny. Just as markets opened, the headlines read: Stocks sink as Golman Sachs said second-quarter profit plunged 82 percent to the lowest level since the end of 2008. After the […]

DMN June 30 S&P 1040 support watch

Dow    9,870.30    -268.22    (-2.65%) S&P 500    1,041.24    -33.33    (-3.10%) Nasdaq    2,135.18    -85.47    (-3.85%) The Philippines is on Holiday today as President Noynoy Aquino is sworn in. Wall Street suffers a massive 3% blow, as renewed economic weakness fears was started by China’s 4% drop yesterday, spreading into Europe and creeping its way into the Futures […]

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