How much is Manny Pacquiao’s net worth now?

In our last article detailing all of Manny Pacquaio’s major bouts since his 2006 ascent into fame, we found out that the pound for pound king’s net worth stands at about 5.7 Billion Philippine Pesos, or $141 Million U.S. dollars! In the tally below, it is shown that his first few bouts were tallied and […]

US Dollar to replace Japanese Yen carry trade

New Deadly Dollar Carry Trade Jim Willie CB of 321gold wrote an interesting article on how the US Dollar is replacing the Japanese Yen as carry trade. A powerful hidden engine existed for close to 20 years called the Yen Carry Trade. The engine produced tainted trillion$ for its priviliged participants, whose access to cheap […]

Spotlight Korea: the next China

  At one minute past midnight on October 3, 1990, Germany was officially reunified, ending 45 years of national division. South Korean stock dealers cheer the KOSPI’s record high at the Korea Exchange in Seoul in September 2005. Dictatorships have given way to democracies in countries that liberalized their markets as early as the 1960s […]

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