Daily Market Notes December 18, 2009

PSEi  3,016.99         DOWN   31.16value php    2,645,125,585.00 DOW    132.86 -1.27% 10,308.26NASDAQ 26.86 -1.22% 2,180.05S&P 500 13.10 -1.18% 1,096.08 Wall street sank over 1% due to  the dollar's rise and an unexpected rise in unemployment claims.  This dollar strength and equity weakness fuelled a global correction, which turned positive with tonight's futures trading. SM turns most active, […]

Longneck’s UCC’s (Useful Chit-Chats) : My Thoughts on the Recent Subprime Crisis

The recent subprime financial crisis : what really happened, what’s happening, and my thoughts as to what will happen — these will be discussed and linked as thoroughly as possible by yours truly in simple layman’s terms in this special edition of my UCC’s. I have this thought that has dangled in my mind for […]

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