Philippine Stock market March 29

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Philippine Stock Market March 23

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DMN November 9 usual correction brings out usual fears

PSEi 4,266.45 | -29.17 | -0.68% Value Php 4.6B Dow Jones 11,406.84 -37.24 (-0.33%) S&P 500 1,223.25 -2.60 (-0.21%) Nasdaq 2,580.05 +1.07 (0.04%) Investors once again find a reason for worry, as they look at Europe where the Irish bond market was suffering from the government’s plans to double spending cuts and to increase taxes […]

DMN July 21

PSEi 3,418.71 UP 13.02 value php 3,752,729,515.00 Dow 10,229.96 +75.53 (0.74%) S&P 500 1,083.48 +12.23 (1.14%) Nasdaq 2,222.49 +24.26 (1.10%) Read this. it’s Kind of funny. Just as markets opened, the headlines read: Stocks sink as Golman Sachs said second-quarter profit plunged 82 percent to the lowest level since the end of 2008. After the […]

LN’s UCC’s (Useful Chit-Chats) June 10 ’10

When our market broke into new highs at 3,367 UNCLE SAM gave the PSEi a present – a 320-pt drop in the DOW, this event triggered our markets to gap down right at the open at 3,293… This area which incidentally is also close to the psychological 3,300 level is currently acting as a key […]

LN’s UCC’s (Useful Chit-Chats) June 9 ’10

The DOW bounced last night by 100-pts, and for those PSE-decouple advocates, a DOW up should coincide with a PSE drop.. (Joke).. Anyways, from the way I see it, the proclamation of NOY-BI today became a non-event.. Previously, a lot of people are thinking that we will have a strong punch to the upside, when […]

DMN June 1

PSEi          3,266.62         DOWN    6.11 value php     2,715,945,810.00 Wall street Holiday Monday, Memorial Day The cat is away, and supposedly the mouse can play, but “cat futures” pointed .5% lower, dampening any positive hopefulness for Asia, despite Europe closing flat last night. Only a handful of index stocks gained: AGI 5.8 TEL BDO CHIB ICT, while […]

DMN May 17

PSEi                 3,289.31         DOWN   41.11 value php                3,493,049,132.50 Dow  10,620.16    -162.79    (-1.51%) S&P 500  1,135.68    -21.75    (-1.88%) Nasdaq    2,346.85    -47.51    (-1.98%) Renewed Eurozone debt fears and Wall Street’s continued correction set the momentum for Asia’s downward trek this morning. Our own PSEi was being its own resilient self.  turning down 30 at the open and recovering […]

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