Daily Market Notes January 15, 2010

PSEi                 3,118.47         DOWN    3.44VALUE PHP              3,963,737,175.00 DOW    29.78 +0.28% 10,710.55NASDAQ 8.84 +0.38% 2,316.74S&P 500 2.78 +0.24% 1,148.46 Dow Industrials and Dow Transports both make fresh year highs together. Good as per Dow Theory. TOTAL FOREIGN BUYING   : P  2,679,644,995.00TOTAL FOREIGN SELLING  : P  1,792,196,061.90 NFB. Healthy.  Increasing Value turnover. Healthy. So far so good as […]

Daily Market Notes January 13, 2010

PSEi                 3,096.70         DOWN    8.92VALUE PHP         3,710,995,225.91 DOW     36.73 -0.34% 10,627.26NASDAQ 30.10 -1.30% 2,282.31S&P 500 10.76 -0.94% 1,136.22As expected, Alcoa's weak results resulted in an excuse to sell for global markets mostly higher on majority of 2010's trading days. Fueling a deeper Asia drop was China's act of raising the bank reserve ratio after allowing bill […]

Daily Market Notes January 12, 2010

PSEi   3,105.62         UP     18.27value php     3,041,382,920.00 DOW     45.80 +0.43% 10,663.99NASDAQ 4.76   -0.21%   2,312.41S&P 500  2.00  +0.17%   1,146.98 Wall street surges some more, bringing with it a window dressed nymex crude oil further higher to $83. Asian equities that tracked the dow to a Tee already were weakening today on after hours results of Alcoa, which […]

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