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Class suspension in some areas of Malabon and Novaliches

Due to torrential rains brought in by Butchol, some schools in Malabon and Novaliches have declared classes suspended.  The suspension is for classes in public schools, preschool to high school.  Since there is no storm signal raised, the DepEd said that suspensions will depend on the schools.

DepEd issues guidelines on suspension of classes The Department of Education released order No. 43 last May 28, 2012 which stated the guidelines on suspension of classes.  In summary, automatic suspension will apply when PAGASA issues a storm warning.  Under Signal no. 1, all pre-school and kindergarten  classes of public and private  schools are automatically suspended.  Under Signal No. 2, preschool, […]

DEPED announces suspension of classes in NCR. Preschool, Elementary and HighSchool!/DepEd_PH NCR: All PM classes in Preschool, Elem & HS are suspended per advisory of PAGASA that heavier rainfall volume will be experienced this PM.

Signal no.1 due to Ramon: No classes for pre-school in NCR

NCR: Per PAGASA, rains will slow down after 4am, signal no 1 still up, only classes in Kindergarten are suspended today, Oct 13.- deped twitter

Deped: Ncr no classes pre school to high school Sept 27, 2011

Deped twitter announcement: Classes in NCR will remain suspended tomorrow, Sept 27, for kinder, elementary and high school, for both private and public schools.

Pedring update (Sept 26, 2011):Deped announces suspension of classes for kinder to highschool in NCR

According to MMDA twitter account, DEPED has announced the suspension of classes starting 12 noon for kinder to high school students in NCR.  Colleges are not under the DEPED so suspension will depend on the college decision.

Twitter information sources for typhoons, floods, class suspensions, etc.

With the advent of twitter and facebook, public service especially in times of emergencies and calamities have improved a lot.  Here’s a list of twitter accounts to keep you updated realtime. MMDA: The best site  for traffic and flood situations.  One of the most hardworking sites :!/MMDA PAGASA: Another one of the most hardworking government […]

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