BER months Bear months what does the fourth quarter hold for stocks?

Well, here it is for us served on a plate.  The complete opposite of Greed: FEAR.  Fear has gripped the markets, and even simple speeches by President Obama or by the American Federal Reserve is not ignored, and get massive selldowns as a response. Numbers put out by websites like davemanuel point out that historically, […]

American Debt Ceiling Compromise is a dud

Over the weekend, a lot of interesting developments happened pending the debt ceiling deal.  Gold surged to $1635 as the ever reliable safe haven was flocked to once again when the August 2 deadline drew nearer.  The lower house, congress, announced they will soon vote on a proposal, sending Gold back near 1610. But the […]

Philippine Stock Summary DMN November 12 blood bank filled to the brim

PSEi 4,076.68 | down -67.73 | -1.63% Value Php 4,438,218,365.00 Dow Jones    11,283.10    -73.94    (-0.65%) S&P 500    1,213.54    -5.17    (-0.42%) Nasdaq    2,555.52    -23.26    (-0.90%) The global trend has been the same. down about 1% then recover some of these by the close, especially with Cisco’s pessimistic outlook dragging Wall Street sentiments.  This morning, it seems […]

DMN June 7 HUNGaRY for 3% discount

PSEi 3,266.11 DOWN 90.94 value php 3,026,777,845.00 Dow 9,931.97 -323.31 (-3.15%) S&P 500 1,064.88 -37.95 (-3.44%) Nasdaq 2,219.17 -83.86 (-3.64%) At Friday’s pre-market trading, Europe was trading slightly higher and Wall Street futures pointing slightly north as well, before some speculation arose that Hungary may be the next Greece to plague the Eurozone. This sent […]

Philippine budget deficit outlook for 2010: shortfall not too bad?

  In ABS-CBN's recent article, they reveal that each Filipino now owes P47,039 to local and foreign creditors, based on the national government's total debt stock as of September. A month before that, each of the 92.2 million Filipinos owed P45,889.  The culprit: the widening budget deficit that prompts the government to borrow some more. […]

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