How would an attack on Iran affect the stock market?

The chairman of Peilim Investment Portfolio Management Yoram Gabai said it best, “Every war brings the market down for the first few days, what happens afterward depends entirely on whether the war’s end is within sight. The market understands the violence is temporary and corrects itself quickly when the decision on a ceasefire is in […]

effect of Middle East (mena) unrest in economy, inflation, and oil

Last March 2, Wall Street plunged 1.5% as the spike in oil prices is perceived to derail any economic recovery in the making.  At $97 oil for the Nymex, Bernanke said gains in oil prices were unlikely to roil the U.S. economy, although if oil prices remain high, that could stall growth and boost inflation.  […]

Saudi Arabia day of rage march 11 protest page at facebook

If you’re stuck under a rock lately, you probably are clueless to the unrest in the Middle East and North Africa region, or MENA.  A few analysts have already come out to say that similar chaos like Libya, Tunisia, or Egypt can ensue in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia In their Saudi day of rage […]

Some charts for the week, spotlight: oil play

Yes it's me, talking about my most hated commodity, evil oil.  In our past article, we researched on how much of the oil movement is actually 60 to 90% based on speculation only and not on real demand movement.  Way before that, we even touched how local pump prices seem to lead crude oil markets […]

Oil rises to $73, falls to $64 due to rogue London trader

PVM Oil Futures Ltd from London confirmed that it was the victim of unauthorised oil futures trading on Tuesday, June 30. "As a result of a series of unauthorised trades, substantial volumes of futures contracts were held by PVM. When this was discovered, the positions were closed in an orderly fashion. PVM suffered a loss […]

Rising Oil: how much of it is caused by actual demand versus speculation only?

Perhaps 60% of oil prices are speculation Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley today are the two leading energy trading firms in the United States. Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase are major players and numerous hedge funds speculate. In June 2006, the senate investigation estimated that of oil traded in futures markets at some $60 a […]

Daily Market Notes June 11, 2009

DOW dn 24.04 -0.28% 8,739.02NASDAQ dn 7.05 -0.38% 1,853.08S&P 500 dn 3.28-0.35% 939.15 Inflation jitters that rates may be raise soon pare an early morning pop.  Good news of the Fiat buy-in of Chrysler officially cleared to proceed by the Supreme court failed to soothe fears as market barkers all over the world now say […]

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