DILG secretary Jesse Robredo’s body found


DILG Jesse Robredo missing after plane crashed in Masbate

Department of Interior and Local Government secretary Jesse Robredo and two others are still missing after their plane crashed in Masbate Bay. The two others are the pilot and co-pilot of the plane. The plane departed Cebu and was on its way to Naga when it radioed for clearance to land in Masbate airport. However, […]

How would an attack on Iran affect the stock market?

The chairman of Peilim Investment Portfolio Management Yoram Gabai said it best, “Every war brings the market down for the first few days, what happens afterward depends entirely on whether the war’s end is within sight. The market understands the violence is temporary and corrects itself quickly when the decision on a ceasefire is in […]

BER months Bear months what does the fourth quarter hold for stocks?

Well, here it is for us served on a plate.  The complete opposite of Greed: FEAR.  Fear has gripped the markets, and even simple speeches by President Obama or by the American Federal Reserve is not ignored, and get massive selldowns as a response. Numbers put out by websites like davemanuel point out that historically, […]

The End of the American Dream?

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