Daily Market Notes December 17, 2009

PSEi     3,048.15         UP     15.78value php      3,952,771,955.00 DOW   10.88 -0.10% 10,441.12 NASDAQ 5.86 +0.27% 2,206.91S&P 500 1.25 +0.11% 1,109.18 Wall street turns flat amidst a global equity market that has run 70 to 100% already, and yet is on the way to economic recovery.   Local markets edge higher led by EDC 4.55, TEL 2610, AC […]

Daily Market Notes December 16, 2009

PSEi                 3,032.37         DOWN   14.20value php           3,083,611,677.45 DOW      49.05 -0.47% 10,452.00NASDAQ 11.05 -0.50% 2,201.05S&P 500   6.18 -0.55% 1,107.93 Wall street corrects on data pointing to inflation. Local trade manages to pare losses by half at closing time.  Roughly 600M pesos of today's 3B total trades turnover were crosses from SM, TEL VLL. Today's overall top gainers […]

Daily Market Notes December 15, 2009

PSEi    3,046.57         UP      4.47value php   2,492,365,635.00 DOW      29.55 +0.28% 10,501.05NASDAQ 21.79 +0.99% 2,212.10S&P 500  7.70 +0.70% 1,114.11 Wall street encounters a wall of resistance in DJIA 10500.  Meanwhile, financials Bank of America, Citi, Wells Fargo are slowly paying their Billions in tarp aid money back to the Fed. Local markets were their lackluster self, with […]

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