Listing By way of Introduction, suspended – PSE

The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) has suspended its Rules on Listing by Way of Introduction under its Revised Listing Rules and will stop accepting applications under these rules which has been considered a loophole in its stringent listing requirements. The recently revised PSE rules allows firms to list their shares at the bourse without first […]

Daily Market Notes December 8, 2009 Out for the Holidays?

PSEi    3,012.07         DOWN   34.56value php   3,705,624,860.00 DOW     1.21 +0.01% 10,390.11NASDAQ 4.74 -0.22%  2,189.61S&P 500 2.73 -0.25%  1,103.25 Wall Street goes sideways.  Asia trades flat to slightly lower. For the local market, we have dwindling value turnover continuing.  Without URC's 1.1 Billion pesos worth of crosses, our market traded only 2.7B, giving an impression that investors' […]

Daily Market Notes November 24, 2009

PSEi   3,074.66         UP     26.66value php       4,220,691,731.40 DOW    132.79 +1.29% 10,450.95NASDAQ 29.97 +1.40% 2,176.01S&P 500 14.86 +1.36% 1,106.24 Wall Street surges to fresh 52 week highs  on a strong housing report and a rally in commodities, plus weaker dollar.  Asia did not seem to bite today as they already had some semblance of a rally yesterday. […]

Daily Market Notes October 9, 2009

PSEi                 2,942.78         DOWN   25.24value php                 3,618,677,865.46 DOW      61.29 +0.63% 9,786.87NASDAQ 13.60 +0.64% 2,123.93S&P 500   7.90 +0.75% 1,065.48 News that gunmen strafed SSS President Neri's house probably contributed to the selling jitters we experienced today.  Wall street was slightly higher on ALcoa's earnings, while the rest of asia was flat to slightly higher. Excitement in the […]

Daily Market Notes October 8, 2009

PSEi                 2,968.02         UP      0.96VALUE PHP             4,459,665,988.59 DOW 5.67 -0.06% 9,725.58NASDAQ 6.76 +0.32% 2,110.33S&P 500 2.85 +0.27% 1,057.58 As predicted, central banks around the world that raise rates from now on should not be a cause for worry yet for equity markets as this early, it should be treated as a sign of growth.  Such a […]

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