Cebu Pacific Air Seat Sale: P1.43 Domestic flights

Sale Period: Up to Feb. 15, 2012 or until seats last Travel Period: Jun. 1 – Sep. 30, 2012 Terms include: Quoted fares are one-way and have limited availability. Fare are exclusive of government fees and taxes. Fares are non-refundable.

Attention: HSBC cardholders – HSBC revised rules and redemption period for Starbucks, Caltex, Cebu Pacific, Cathay Pacific promos

HSBC cardholders – please take note of the several changes made by HSBC regarding the redemption and promo period.  These rules take effect October 1, 2011.  Click on the links below and read the terms and conditions page as well.  All the promos for starbucks, caltex, cebu pacific, cathay pacific, red mastercard have redemption period […]

Daily Market Upgrades June 24

Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content.

Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content.

Philippine Daily Stock news January 5 Open Skies, dark CLOUDs, and pacific dreams

PSEI 4212 down 5 PHP 4B Dow Jones    11,691.18    +20.43    (0.18%) S&P 500    1,270.20    -1.69    (-0.13%) Nasdaq    2,681.25    -10.27    (-0.38%) Asian markets slid on Wednesday while wall street turns flat following a broad commodities selloff but losses were limited as stronger-than expected U.S. factory data lent support.  To note, Gold was doing 1420 yesterday then […]

DMN November 3 Cebu Pacific’s wings clipped

PSEi 4,381.86 | up 40.12 | 0.92% Value Php 5.7B Dow Jones 11,188.72 +64.10 (0.58%) S&P 500 1,193.57 +9.19 (0.78%) Nasdaq 2,533.52 +28.68 (1.14%) Early in the morning, stocks got an upward jolt from optimism about rapid growth overseas, after both Australia and India raised their key interest rates in an effort to fight off […]

DMN October 28 Cebu Pacific makes emergency landing

PSEi 4,260.69 |down -24.38 | -0.57% Value Php 5b Dow Jones 11,126.28 -43.18 (-0.39%) S&P 500 1,182.45 -3.19 (-0.27%) Nasdaq 2,503.26 +5.97 (0.24%) Wall Street sinks as investors considered news that the Federal Reserve may not provide as much stimulus to the economy as had been anticipated, due to the strengthening housing data. Go figure. […]

DMN October 27 A globally flat day

PSEi 4,285.07 | up 5.54 | 0.13% Value Php 5.5B Dow Jones 11,169.46 +5.41 (0.05%) S&P 500 1,185.64 +0.02 (0.00%) Nasdaq 2,497.29 +6.44 (0.26%) FLAT! The whole world is flat. From America to Europe to Asia, it seems global markets ran out of steam. In the tug of war between anticipated additional quantitative easing on […]

DMN October 26 Cebu Pacific takes off

Psei 4,279.53 | down -7.34 | -0.17% Value net of block:  Php 10b Value with CEB block: Php 33,374,715,073.02 Dow Jones    11,164.05    +31.49    (0.28%) S&P 500    1,185.62    +2.54    (0.21%) Nasdaq    2,490.85    +11.46    (0.46%) Lack of any real fresh leads (or any new fears) saw Wall Street rise almost 1%, only to pare most of these […]

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