Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila – Market Cafe Weekday Buffet Promo!

WEEKDAY BUFFET BONANZA AT MARKET CAFE 17 September to 31 October 2012 | Mondays to Thursdays Dine at Market Cafe in a ‘group of four or more’ from Monday to Thursday and look forward to endless servings of freshly cooked Western, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Filipino cuisines for a great price value. Weekday lunch buffet […]

Daily market notes January 26 more bloodshed in the streets and out

PSEi 3,931.64 | -28.66 | -0.72% Value Php 7.2B Scared of 12k, Wall Street saw money taken off the table, but an intraday correction was staved off to register a flat closing. In the local scene: FOREIGN BUYING      Php 2,552,118,830.86 FOREIGN SELLING      Php 2,232,050,796.49 Really 300m NFB this time? Let’s see. . . Still NFS […]

Philippine Stock daily January 17, 7 signs of death or of strength?

PSEi 4,148 | up 16 Value Php 4.9B Dow Jones    11,787.38    +55.48    (0.47%) S&P 500    1,293.24    +9.48    (0.74%) Nasdaq    2,755.30    +20.01    (0.73%) Strong earnings reports from JPMorgan and Intel help propel Wall Street to fresh recent highs. Meanwhile, China tightens via increasing reserve requirements.  This move aims to reduce liquidity for speculation, and effectively increases […]

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