Youtube video: Traffic Enforcer vs Bus Driver

DMN AUG 25 Philippines moves on after hostage crisis

PSE 3,554.15  up %0.67 up 23.66 value 4,414,231,828.50 Dow Jones    10,040.45    -133.96    (-1.32%) S&P 500    1,051.87    -15.49    (-1.45%) Nasdaq    2,123.76    -35.87    (-1.66%) Wall Street was already expecting poor housing data, hence its futures were showing a drop of 1% at pre open.  Confirmation that existing home sales were down 27% in July saw the Dow […]

DMN AUG 24 Philippine Hostage taking ends bloody for them and for PSE

3,530.49 DN 82     -2.29% Value P4B Dow Jones    10,174.41    -39.21    (-0.38%) S&P 500    1,067.36    -4.33    (-0.40%) Nasdaq    2,159.63    -20.13    (-0.92%) I think I speak for every Finance Manila member when I say our hearts go out to the families and loved ones of the victims in yesterday’s hostage drama. Here is my own personal […]

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