Latest Macbook Air 2011 review and benchmark against older models

I was a proud owner of a first generation Macbook Air just because I initially found it visually appealing to carry such a lightweight fully functional laptop that looked so thin! However, performance fell short somehow due to the overall architecture of the processor, ram, motherboard, video card.  It just did not function in symphony […]

Windows 7 versus Vista versus xp comparison

Now that windows 7 is due out before the holiday season, and a few leaked torrent copies have already made their way into the internet, let's examine if it is worth the upgrade to windows 7. Take a look at the following graphs and research I've compiled which show and compare Windows 7 with vista […]

Lenovo S10 and HP Mini 1000 threatens MSI Wind, compared and reviewed

The MSI Wind may be about to be blown over by new entrants to the full computer UMPC game.  First, the Lenovo s10 comes along with a 1Kg mini-notebook for the same price. Take a look at the specs. The Lenovo S10 arrived last September and retails for about $699, which is the same price […]

Intel core i7 leaps over core 2 duo and quad core

Remember how the energy efficient core 2 duo ran rings around its predecessors coreduo and centrino and centrino M? Well, Intel now has a new chip, which is codenamed Intel Core i7 Nehalem Processor.  This wafer is said to be generally 40% faster than the fastest quad core, and over 50% faster than the fastest […]

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