Iphone 8 and Iphone x shortage and availability

We have all heard that Iphone 8 and its Flagship Iphone X will be released this fourth quarter.  But as early as today, apple rumor monger and KGI  analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has declared that there will be shortages this year, and customers might only be able to get their hands on these new units come 2018. […]

How to Root Jailbreak Galaxy Note 2 N7100 on XXALJ1 Official Jelly Bean Firmware

samsung galaxy android

Can you jailbreak a handheld device like the Samsung GalaxyNote 2 running on Android Jelly Bean Firmware?  You certainly can, but with android devices, it is called rooting, and is perfectly legal. How do you know what Galaxy Note 2 version you have?  There are at least 3!  Open your Galaxy Note 2, press settings, scroll […]

Can You Jailbreak an Android Device Like Samsung Galaxy s3, note, mini, tab?

samsung galaxy android

I have often been asked the question if Android devices can be jailbroken like an Apple device running IOS.  The answer is a definite yes.  This is a legal process, and it is called rooting. This tutorial to Jailbreak Samsung Galaxy s3 suggests an easier process than jailbreaking IOS devices where the latter needs a […]

Apple Iphone overtakes Nokia as top handset mobile, but Android still top OS

You might wonder why the prolific apple is still at the backseat to Google’s just infant Android.  Well, the answer is simple.  Quite  a number companies making handheld mobile phones use the Android platform, while only Apple uses the iOS platform. According to Nielsen survey, Android makes up a 39 percent slice of the market, […]

Google Android versus Apple Mac who will win the gadget tablet showdown

Zokem’s Mobile Life panel in the US reveals that iPhone scores 84% higher in loyalty ratings than the nearest competitor, Google Android for the year 2010. Among non-iPhone users, the number one preference for the next smartphone is iPhone. The study also show that older Windows Mobile devices and Nokia’s Symbian devices have already lost […]

Top Mobile Internet trends of 2011 by Mary Meeker

Mary Meeker came from Morgan stanley and joined Kleiner Perkins as a partner.  She is renowned for her technology analyst who gained renown for predictions on Internet growth in the 1990s.  Called “Queen of the Net” by Barron’s in 1998, Meeker made her name with a publication entitled “The Internet Report” in 1995 and her […]

Iphone 4 jailbreak now available

With Apple Iphone’s latest phone model unit Iphone 4, comes the latest operating system iOS4, which can also be used for older models 3g, and 3gs.  The jailbreak for these older models can be found in this site of devteam, and this redsnow site. However, the one click user friendly jailbreak for iOS4 for the […]

Ipad versus IPED, the china clone (also called apad)

Ipad too expensive for you? Not impressed by the feature loadout for Apple’s big tablet device? Well, if you’re travelling abroad anytime soon, you’re in luck. The iPed has just been released in Shenzhen, China (the place where original Apple Ipods and Ipads are made) and it’s only going to set you back a cool […]

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