Listing By way of Introduction, suspended – PSE

The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) has suspended its Rules on Listing by Way of Introduction under its Revised Listing Rules and will stop accepting applications under these rules which has been considered a loophole in its stringent listing requirements. The recently revised PSE rules allows firms to list their shares at the bourse without first […]

Daily Market Notes January 15, 2010

PSEi                 3,118.47         DOWN    3.44VALUE PHP              3,963,737,175.00 DOW    29.78 +0.28% 10,710.55NASDAQ 8.84 +0.38% 2,316.74S&P 500 2.78 +0.24% 1,148.46 Dow Industrials and Dow Transports both make fresh year highs together. Good as per Dow Theory. TOTAL FOREIGN BUYING   : P  2,679,644,995.00TOTAL FOREIGN SELLING  : P  1,792,196,061.90 NFB. Healthy.  Increasing Value turnover. Healthy. So far so good as […]

Daily Market Notes November 24, 2009

PSEi   3,074.66         UP     26.66value php       4,220,691,731.40 DOW    132.79 +1.29% 10,450.95NASDAQ 29.97 +1.40% 2,176.01S&P 500 14.86 +1.36% 1,106.24 Wall Street surges to fresh 52 week highs  on a strong housing report and a rally in commodities, plus weaker dollar.  Asia did not seem to bite today as they already had some semblance of a rally yesterday. […]

Daily Market Notes November 20, 2009

PSEi   3,068.73         DOWN   14.57value php    3,445,964,990.00 DOW      93.87 -0.90% 10,332.44NASDAQ 36.32 -1.66% 2,156.82S&P 500 14.90 -1.34% 1,094.90 Wall street drops for the second day, Europe and Asia drop around 4 days on the average.   At the onset of local trading, stocks were not bad in their drop, even trading flat for a sizeable duration, […]

Daily Market Notes November 19, 2009

PSEi    3,083.30         UP     30.69value php      3,031,260,855.00DOW 11.11 -0.11% 10,426.31NASDAQ 10.64 -0.48% 2,193.14S&P 500 0.37 -0.03% 1,109.80 A drop in new home construction made investors jittery about the economic recovery and wary profit outlooks weighed on the technology sector.  However, data showing initial construction of new single-family homes fell to a six-month low in October was […]

Daily Market Notes November 18, 2009

PSEi     3,052.61         UP     20.52value php     4,246,223,035.00 DOW    30.46 +0.29% 10,437.42NASDAQ 5.93 +0.27% 2,203.78S&P 500 0.87 +0.08% 1,110.17Correction slash rally for wall street, continued mixed rally for the pse. Today, the oddballs PX and MER reclaimed their oddball crown and took the lead. PX rallied 1.25 to 15.25, worth 10.7 psei points, while MER gained 4 […]

Daily Market Notes October 12, 2009

PSEi                 2,930.97         DOWN   11.81value php               2,246,922,315.00 DOW      78.07 +0.79% 9,864.94NASDAQ 15.35 +0.72% 2,139.28S&P 500   6.01 +0.56% 1,071.49Our local market that was up 20 could not hold to its gains as TEL and the property sector were sold down.  The weak sentiment was probably due to the extensive damages wrought by successive rainfall from Ondoy and […]

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