Philippine Stock market Feb 28 roller coaster frenzy

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Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content.

DMN May 13

PSEi    3,327.69         UP     58.28 value php    5,178,991,755.00 Dow     10,896.91    +148.65    (1.38%) S&P 500 1,171.67    +15.88    (1.37%) Nasdaq   2,375.31    +0.64    (0.03%) Global markets shake off EuroZone jitters to trade up at least 1% worldwide! Wall Street’s DJIA has yet to reach its recent high above 11k, yet the PSEi has shown resilient strength in breaking its […]

Daily Market Notes December 29, 2009 Window Dressing Upwards

PSEi   3,052.68         UP     19.84value php  3,464,582,725.00 After continuous days of gains, Wall street only ekes out a .2% gain on all three majors this time.  Meanwhile, the chances of the Fed raising rates by .25 in late January 2010 are over 50%. But the PSEi that faltered about last week made up for it in […]

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